We pour precision in shape

The roots of our company’s history dates back to the year 1933. Like so many modern founder story, our company history started “in a garage.” More specifically, in a vaulted cellar in which Fritz Eisenmann with a specially modified casting machine already could produce hundredths of a millimeter in 1933.
Today Eisenmann Druckguss employs about 170 people and is known as a trusted supplier of high quality and technically difficult diecast parts of aluminum and zinc and their postprocessing. As an innovative company we are always ready to take the next step towards the future.
We supply renowned manufacturers from all sectors, from A to Z.

Punctuality and product quality, sound engineering and reliable service are the solid basis for our many years of successful cooperation.
Innovation and economically attractive concepts are the driving forces for the common success.
We will solve your problem, as a competent partner, quickly and accurately by professionals who draw on extensive expertise and sound advice. Many own developments and our decades of experience allow ever increasing quality standards simultaneously connected to more efficient production processes.
All this is included in our service package for you. Added to the excellent implementation comes in construction planning, design and manufacturing. The latest CAD, CAM and simulation technologies are our tools in use. During casting and further processing, we work with great care, quality-conscious to the last detail. For quality assurance, we use modern technology such as the X-ray. You receive your delivery on demand and on time.
Every year, more than 80 million parts …

… are manufactured in our facilities. A number that speaks volumes about our status as a upplier of choice for superior quality die castings.
Like many successful start-ups today, our company began life in a garage. Or more accurately, in a basement – where, in 1933, Fritz Eisenmann began using a specially modified casting machine which even then achieved the breathtaking precision of one hundredth of a millimeter.
This legendary device laid the foundation for our current manufacturing operations. In fact, the old machine is still in good working order, and is used for training purposes – carrying on our founder’s tradition of striving for perfection.